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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

We need vaccination records for Rabies (once your dog is 4 months old), Distemper (at least 2 puppy rounds), and Bordetella. Then we have you fill out a couple simple forms and do a Meet-n-Greet and make sure your dog is comfortable in our group.

My dog barks at people when they come to my front door or when he/she's on a leash. Can he/she still come to Daycare?

Dogs behave very differently when protecting their own environment or when on a leash. It is very likely that once he/she's off-leash at our facility, he/she will be just fine. Schedule an appointment today and we'll evaluate him/her.

Do small dogs have a separate area?

Yes! For the safety of the little guys, they have their own large indoor space, as well as outdoor yard with a wading pool.

Do you have staff with the dogs at all times?

Yes, our excellent staff monitors the dogs at all times. Dogs are never allowed in our 24' long pool without a staff member present. We also have 6 webcams so YOU can watch your dog swim or play all day. Don't blame us if you don't get any work done!

My dog doesn't do well other dogs. Can he still come?

Unfortunately not. We don't have any separate areas or private time. For the safely of everydog, we have a zero tolerance policy for aggression. Any dogs showing aggression will not be allowed back.

What are the requirements for boarding?

The overnight boarding requirements are the same as for daycare, but in addition, we require some daycare before boarding, so we are comfortable that the environment is right for your dog. The amount of daycare can range from 1 day to several days, depending on your dog's temperament.

Are there any breeds you don't allow?

For the safety of all of the dogs, we don't allow breeds that are known to be aggressive and very powerful. We also do not allow dogs who have much larger and more powerful heads/jaws than other dogs, just in case a fight were to ever break out.

My small dog likes to swim. Can he/she be in with the large dogs and their 24' pool?

We will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If after an evaluation and careful monitoring, we are comfortable that he/she can hold his/her own, we may be willing to, with careful monitoring.

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